Reopening Information » Full In-Person Return to Campus August 2021

Full In-Person Return to Campus August 2021

Greetings Woodland Hills Academy Community,


We are excited to welcome your child onto campus on Monday, August 16th for the 2021-2022 school year. We know this year has been challenging, and we appreciate your support for our school community.


Please carefully review this message, which contains important information about what to expect for the start of the school year. We will maintain the highest standards of COVID safety practices and protocols, including health screening, face masks, proper hand hygiene, and cleaning.  Hand-washing areas and hand sanitizer are available on campus and their use will be encouraged and incorporated into school routines.


UPDATE: In consideration of evolving health conditions, Los Angeles Unified will continue to provide free weekly COVID testing on school campuses for all students and employees – both vaccinated and unvaccinated. If infection rates in our community decrease, testing frequency may be reduced, and exemptions for vaccinated individuals may be considered in accordance with medical guidance.   Free COVID tests are offered for students and their families at various school sites around the district. We will have testing available at Woodland Hills Academy on Friday, August 6th and Friday August 13th from 8:00-3:30pm (see attachments below). To schedule an appointment for your child, please use the Daily Pass or call (213) 443-1300. Please use your Parent Portal Account to sign in. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, you can register here.  If your child is vaccinated, please consider uploading the dates of vaccination via the Daily Pass.

Prior to entering the campus:

  • All students are required to wear a face mask over their nose and mouth. Ensure your child has a protective face mask they can comfortably wear while on campus. If the face mask is reusable, please wash it daily. Also, make sure your child brings an extra face mask as a back-up. Masks will be provided for students who do not have one.
  • Make sure your child is feeling well. When your child arrives on campus, they will be asked to respond to the Daily Health Check questions. Before coming on campus, the Daily Health Check questions can also be answered using the Daily Pass, which generates a unique QR code that will allow your child to come onto campus. You will need a Parent Portal account to access the Daily Pass. If you have not yet done so, please register for a Parent Portal account, which will also help you stay connected to your child’s academic progress and attendance. Plan to arrive early on the first week of school to avoid long lines.
  • Send your child’s fully charged school issued iPad or Chromebook and chargers with them to school daily in a backpack or case as needed.


Daily Schedules:










8:00  –  9:10



8:00  –  9:00





9:15  – 10:50



9:05  –  9:48


10:50  – 11:05



9:53  – 10:36





11:10  – 12:45



10:36 – 11:06


12:45  –  1:15



11:11 – 11:54





1:20  –  2:55



11:59 – 12:42








12:47 – 1:30


School Visitors:

  • All visitors who are 2 years or older are required to wear a face mask over their mouth and nose, answer the Daily Health Check questions and sign-in.


Drop-off and dismissal:

  • The drop-off location is on Irondale’s Street. After exiting your vehicle at the front of the line, your child will walk to the entrance, where they will complete a daily health screening. They will answer the Daily Health Check questions or present their Daily Pass QR Code in order to be admitted to campus.
  • Should your child take the school bus, please remain with them until they have boarded.


  • Students will receive their meals via the school cafeteria, or they may bring their lunch from home. Students may eat their lunch in the outdoor eating area, following physical distancing protocols. At the end of the school day, students will be given a Grab and Go bag which includes breakfast for the following day and supper to take home. School meals throughout the state of California will be available to all students, free of charge.


Health Office:

Emergency Contact Forms will be distributed for the new school year. Please make sure that you return the Emergency Contact Forms to the school. Please notify the main office if your emergency contact information changes throughout the year. We ask that students who become ill at school be picked up immediately.

I look forward to seeing your child at school. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 818-226-2900.




Principal Salazar




Additional Information

Books, materials, supplies

      Students may bring backpacks, charged computer device, and water bottles.

      Students must bring and wear a face mask at all times on campus (except when eating/drinking).

      Teachers will use a variety of resources such as whiteboards, paper, workbooks and manipulatives to engage students in classroom learning.

Breakfast, lunch and supper

Students will be eating meals outdoors when possible.  At the end of the school day, students will be given a Grab and Go bag which includes breakfast for the following day and supper to take home.

Students who become ill while at school.

Please notify the main office if your contact information has changed. Students who have a fever or any other COVID-like symptoms will be sent to a designated isolation room and the parent/caregiver will be called for immediate pick-up. We ask that students who become ill at school be picked up immediately.


Please bring any district-issued device and chargers to school each day as needed.

Classroom set-up

The physical layout will return to the standard classroom set-up.


Classrooms will be cleaned daily.

COVID Testing

Students who are fully vaccinated do not need to participate in Los Angeles Unified’s COVID testing program, which includes baseline and periodic testing. All unvaccinated students will need a valid COVID test two weeks prior to the start of school and continue to take a COVID test every week or periodically thereafter.

Hand washing,

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are available throughout campus. Students will be reminded to wash their hands with soap and water frequently.

Face Masks

A face mask that covers the nose and mouth must be worn by all students and staff while on campus, except when eating or drinking.


Restrooms will operate at full capacity with all fixtures and sinks available.