Restorative Justice Comes To W.H.A.


Restorative Justice (RJ) is a different approach to addressing misconduct and our response to the behavior. RJ practices work effectively to keep students engaged and connected to the school community.
The RJ approach focuses on building a safe,inclusive, respectful climate and culture.
This approach recognizes the importance of strengthening student connections to teachers, peers and school, through relationship and community-­‐building, and through restorative, rather than punitive approaches to discipline.
RJ discipline practices promote empathy, self-­‐understanding and a strong sense of accountability, in which students learn from their misconduct, understand the impact of their actions on others, and have opportunities to repair the harm they
have caused through misbehavior.
Robert Goldstein is the Restorative Justice Teacher Adviser at W.H.A. He supports administration, teachers and students in continuing to grow the positive school-wide community at Woodland Hills Academy.