Lunch Clubs


The goal of lunch clubs is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which groups of students with shared interests can meet and explore their mutual passions together.


Benefits of Clubs and Activities

Clubs and activities provide students with:

A chance to make new friends

Time for something you love

A chance to inspire others

Leadership opportunities for club officers

A way for new students to meet people

A chance to learn “networking”

Continuity from year to year

A chance to practice working in a group situation

A chance to develop initiative skills

A chance to show off a special talent

A place to go during lunch and after school


Also, research shows the single most important factor in a student’s success at school is teachers. Clubs give students a chance to interact with another teacher in a meaningful way. The benefits are endless!

Joining a Club

Look at the bottom of this page for a list of clubs, meeting day, and room number. Simply show up on that day and ask to join.  Clubs held during lunch require a pass from the club's teacher/sponsor.

Starting a new club

If you wish to start a club, pick up a yellow application in the office or go see Mrs. Weir in the Counseling Office. The application process is simple and every attempt will be made to support your self-starting efforts!