Campus Beautification - Thank You WHA Community and Partners!

We had an incredibly successful Campus Beautification event.  Over 250 people came out to weed, prune, and clean up our home away from home.

Thank you, Mr. Yamane, for leading the way! You were incredibly adept at getting groups moving and working on the various projects you envisioned for the day.

Thank you to our amazing custodial staff, Carlos and Luis for their resourcefulness and assistance throughout the day.

Thank you to our teachers and staff (and their families) who gave of their time and worked really hard to improve our school. Mr. Girgis, Mrs. Weir, Mrs. Hans, Mrs. Weston, Mr. Periolat, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Spear, Mrs. Hyun, Ms. Vicki Edwards, Mrs. Caal, Mrs. Heller, Mrs. Hodes, Mrs. Montsigner, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Kessler, Dr. Benson, and Ms. Van Der Valk.

Thank you for our gorgeous new mural to our parent volunteer, Anita Phillips, and her neighbor. We appreciate your professionalism and vision!

Thank you to all our students and our parent volunteers, too many to count!

Thank you to our Taft High School volunteers and their thoughtful teachers, particularly Dr. Berchin, Ms. Yu, and Ms. Herman.  A special thank you to Mr. Steiner, principal of Taft HS.

An enormous thank you to Mrs. Jeannie Kamm,
Deputy of School & Community Affairs for School Board President Steve Zimmer's office, Mr. Joseph Nacorda, our Instructional Director and School Board President Steve Zimmer for their assistance on Beautification Day and for their continued support.

Thank you to Ms. Weir and the various teacher and parent volunteers who organized and picked up all the food and beverages to care for the needs of our volunteers.

Thank you to our CPM, Mr. Alfredo Barreras, for coordinating with us and delivering supplies.

Finally, thank you to our community partners for their contributions! Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce, Woodland Hills Rotary Club, Councilmember Blumenfield's Office, Coffee Bean, Noah's and Western bagel shop, Nicolas Italian, and Trader Joe's.

It was a great day and a great opportunity for our community to come together. It is inspiring to see what we can accomplish in just a couple of hours when we work together.