Culmination Requirements

The WHA Culmination Ceremony will be held on campus at WHA on June 7th, 2024 at 8:00 am.

Dear Parents or Guardians of 8th Grade Students:


Eighth Grade Culmination is an important milestone for your child.  We sincerely hope your child will meet the requirements for a Certificate of Completion and the Culmination Ceremony.  A summary of these requirements is listed below.


  1. To qualify for the Culmination Ceremony and receive a Certificate of Completion in June::
    1. Must pass all classes in the eighth grade. If he/she receives a FAIL on the Final Fall Report Card, he/she must get at least a C in that class for the Spring Final Report Card.
    2. May not receive more than two U’s in work habits and no more than one U in cooperation, on the 2nd semester FINAL report card in June.
    3. Have a clear record in the Dean’s Office including detention, etc.
    4. Have a clear financial record, including textbook, library fines, etc. 

We send out progress report cards each semester to give you a good indication of your child’s progress.  The 20 week report card is the final report card each semester. You may also stay updated on your student’s grades with Schoology. If you don't have a Schoology account, please go to the parent section of our Website to learn how to create an account.


We encourage you to review these requirements with your child so that he or she will have a successful and rewarding eighth grade experience, leading to Culmination and a Certificate of Completion.


If you have any questions, please call the Counseling Office at (818) 226-2941.



 Georgia Weir

Head Counselor