Behavior, Discipline and Dress Code

A Message from The Dean of Students:

As the dean of students at Woodland Hills Academy (WHA) l believe that I have a duty to do much more than just student discipline. My job is to help the principals, teachers, students, and staff have a better experience throughout the day at school. I spend the majority of my day talking and listening to students. I believe that with this particular age group of students the best thing that I can do is listen.

When a student is sent to my office for behavioral issues, I believe that it is my job not to just discipline the student, give them a consequence and send them back to class, but rather to get to the root of the problem to try and impact their behavior at the source.

Whether you’re in 6th grade or you’re in 8th grade, at Woodland Hills Academy (WHA) we know you will find it a home. The life of a WHA Wolf is packed with action and opportunity. In addition to a relevant and challenging curriculum, you will have lots of choices to make regarding how you want to express the whole of who you are here. Excited about leadership? Check out our Leadership Program, where you will learn about our student government, join Yearbook and help make it great, interested in music or drama join in and show off your talents Have something you feel passionate about and want to make it a part of your WHA day? Look at our club offerings.

Everything we do here reflects our community of principles and values. The WHA Code of Conduct and Dress Code is at the core of our practices and provide the compass for how we shape who we are. Take some time and browse through the WHA Code of Conduct and Dress Code, where you can learn about our expectations for what it means to be a WHA Wolf; it is also chock full of information. You can find the WHA Code of Conduct, Dress Code policy, 3 Tools for Success, and Parent-Student Handbook here by clicking on the provided links.

My Door is always open to students, parents, and staff.


Mr. Jackson

Dean of students