Georgia Weir

GATE Coordinator
Head Counselor



In all grades, we introduce programs or services in a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment that supports college awareness, aspirations and planning to help your children develop a vision of who they can become. All of our teachers have extensive professional development in differentiated instruction for gifted learners. 


Highlights of our GATE program




Investigation of scientific topics in depth for extended periods of time

Immersion units in all academic areas designed to deepen inquiry

Development of college level learning strategies

Differentiation of instruction to meet the varied needs of students

Engagement of students in deep and authentic instructional experiences

In depth look at ancient civilizations and their influence on modern society

Use of thinking maps and graphic organizers to develop study skills

Exploration of ideas through investigations involving kinesthetic senses



Investigation and exploration of our genetic code

In depth investigations leading to an understanding of the environment, community health issues, natural resources, populations and technology

Brain-based investigations into how we think and understand problems

Use of laboratory equipment to do scientific investigations

In-depth study of the research paper

Focus on the narrative essay and public speaking/debate strategies

Learning to think like historians and archaeologists as they learn to formulate questions and draw conclusions from evidence



Emphasis on in-depth exploration of the physical sciences

Concentration on major events and ideas that led to the creation of our nation

Math portfolios

Technology based instruction

Exploration of careers

Focus on persuasive writing as well as the art of debate

Special eighth grade class activities