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Welcome to the Library Corner!


Below you will find an assortment of sites designed to help you maximize your reading and comprehension skills.  You will also have access to many free stories, various interactive games, audio books, as well as math, science, and art related activities.


Be sure to take your time going through all of these and remember ─ have fun!


  • Learn Out Loud - Learn Out Loud provides an extensive directory of free audio books, lectures, speeches, interviews, and other educational audio and video resources. All of the materials within the directory can be downloaded as mp3 files or streamed online.
  • Whyville - Whyville helps middle schoolers learn about art history, science, journalism, civics, and economics through exploration and communication. As Whyville citizens, students can play games, chat with friends, and much more.
  • Read Print - Read Print is a free online library that contains thousands of novels, poems, plays, and stories in the public domain. Site visitors can search for books by author, title, or genre.
  • Book Builder - Middle schoolers who visit this site can create, publish, and share their own digital books online. They can also read free digital books created by other people.
  • Math Playground - This site is intended for elementary and middle school students. Site visitors can play math games, solve logic problems, watch math videos, and much more.
  • Lure of the Labyrinth - Created specifically for middle school students, this free online math game guides students through a digital labyrinth of math-based puzzles. Players must solve pre-algebra problems to save their missing pet and win the game.
  • ARKive - ARKive is a lively science site devoted to the conservation of endangered species around the world. Educational resources include news, photos, videos, article, reference materials, and more.
  • Artopia - Designed for middle school students with an interest in visual and performing arts, this site displays important works of art and allows users to build their own portfolio of artwork. Artopia users can also critique art, watch movies, and view student art.
  • Scholastic- Scholastic is offering free online learning experiences for kids, with lessons and daily resources for kindergarten through middle school.  They have opened up several areas for free during this temporary time away from school. Check this site out as soon as you can!
  • Kahoot is well-loved by teachers and students and has been in classrooms for years. Students can access these fun online quizzes from home for free!
  • CK12 - This is a site that's always free and offers open-source content and technology tools for students and educators. Content-based learning resources for grades K-12 aligned with state standards and curriculum. CK12 is run by a California nonprofit and is a valuable educational resource dedicated to supporting low-cost K-12 education.
  • Curriki - This site provides teacher-reviewed online lesson plans and resources for students starting in preschool through career and technical education. Tons of resources for everyone here.
  • Project Gutenberg – Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks. Choose among free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them or read them online. You will find the world's great literature here, with focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired.

April is School Library Month and there are some ways to celebrate school libraries this month.


#1 You can visit our school library and check out books!

#2 Participate in a national contest (grand and second prize winners will receive prizes).

  • Participating is easy:
    Snap a pic or shoot a video showcasing your favorite thing about your library.
  • Post to Instagram, X, Threads, or on the I Love Libraries Facebook page with the hashtag #HowILibrary.
  • And don’t forget to tag your library to let them know how much they are appreciated!


What's in it for you?


In addition to the gratification of supporting libraries, there’s also a chance to win great prizes.

  • Grand Prize (1 winner): A VISA gift card ($150.00 USD value) and choice of one ALA Graphics poster.
  • Second Prize (3 winners): Choice of one ALA Graphics poster.


If you don’t have a photo to share, check out the Library Elements graphics at Show your love for libraries and join the #HowILibrary movement.


Here are the Official Rules.

The Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) hosts an amazing event called Your Author Series which features various authors and illustrators. They have an upcoming event on November 18th, 2022, starting at 4:00 PM. The great thing about this author talk is you can connect to it online. The two authors featured for this day’s event are young adult author Zahra Omar Shansab and children’s author Bahram Rahman.

Here is the link:

(Link to Your Author Series page where all events are listed:

If you have any questions please contact: Ms. Galvez, Teacher Librarian: [email protected]