Drama Program



This class is geared to boost self-esteem and confidence, providing a safe and encouraging environment for students to feel relaxed and uninhibited – all essential to acting.  My students will learn the wonderful musical repertoire of Broadway and master the basic acting skills of focus, communication, and characterization.

Class includes group instruction in voice, dance, diction, and acting.  Acting and musical theater is great fun, however, the responsibility of performing in a musical takes after school rehearsals,discipline and focus.  I expect that my students will learn and grow, and so home practice and regular class attendance is also essential for the success of our drama class.

Broad objectives When due account is taken of intrinsic abilities and varying circumstances, the drama curriculum should enable the child to:

• develop the ability to enter physically, mentally and emotionally into the fictional drama context and discover i ts possibilities through cooperation with others.

• develop empathy with and understanding of others and the confidence needed to assume a role or character

• experience and create an atmosphere where ideas, feelings and experiences can be expressed, where conflict can be handled positively, and life situations explored openly and honestly.

• develop personal adaptability, spontaneity, the ability to co-operate, verbal and non-verbal skills, and imagination and creativity, in order to ensure that the drama text reflects real life in a fresh and valid way.

• develop the ability to decide what course is likely to lead to significant drama action • develop the ability to steer the drama towards areas that are likely to lead, through whatever genre, to insights i n to the subject matter to be explored.

• develop the ability to co-operate with others in solving, out of role, the problems that are presented in making the drama.

• develop the ability to co-operate with others, in role, in keeping the drama alive, in creating context, and in exploring the problems that are presented in making the drama.

• develop the ability to use drama to promote or express a view on a subject on which he/she may have strong views or feelings.

• develop the ability to use drama to examine and explore unfamiliar material so as to reach an understanding of the patterns, meanings and concepts contained in it.

• develop concern, curiosity and understanding of the increasingly sophisticated patterns that comprise drama content and of the increasingly refined insights that can flow from it.

• use drama to explore actively the human aspect of all learning as a means of curricular integration.