Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Woodland Hills Academy is committed to helping our families, teachers, and staff navigate the challenges and opportunities of remote learning.  Please visit this page for updates to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), additional resources for our families, and tools to assist our wonderful community.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who do we contact to get internet access?
A:  There are two programs available.  Charter is providing free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband.  Installation fees will be waived.  To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Verizon is also providing internet access through a limited number of hot spot devices. To request a hot spot, email Mr. Jackson: [email protected].
Q: My device isn't working for Schoology or IXL, what do I do? I need a computer to continue learning from home?
A: We will periodically set up opportunities to deliver technology to students.  Tomorrow, April 15th from 10-11am we will be distributing devices at the MPR. Parents, please bring your ID and your student's ID to help expedite this process.
Q: When do we get our report cards?
A: The window for teachers to submit their 10 week grades opened just as we were starting our remote learning at home. This deadline was extended to today which means it will be a few more weeks before those report cards get to you.  Keep in mind these are progress report cards.  The report cards that stay on students' records are the 20 week report cards.  If you are struggling to keep up with your school work and improve your grade, reach out to your teachers and Mrs. Weir so we can work together to support your learning.
Q: When do we go back to school?
A: On Monday, April 13th, a month after announcing school closures, Superintendent Beutner announced that we would be home for the remainder of the school year. There will be opportunities for remote summer school for students.  This is necessary to reduce COVID 19 cases and protect our communities. It is incredibly important that we are all staying home.  Our collective sacrifice is reducing exposure to the virus and giving our health care professionals the best case scenario to treat those infected with this highly contagious disease.
We will continue to send updates with any changes but make sure to check Schoology, our website, and our Facebook page since we will be posting things there. 
Q: Can I have access to my locker?
A: At this time we cannot open the school for students to empty their lockers. Once we have the green light from LAUSD we will set up a schedule with specific time frames for small groups to collect their personal belongings in a safe manner, following social distancing procedures.
Q: When will I have to return the items I checked out (Chromebook, iPad, Textbooks, Instruments)?
A: In early June we will begin collection of items checked out by students starting with our 8th graders.  This will be done with everyone's safety in mind, following social distancing procedures. Students are encouraged to hold on to the Chromebooks in order to continue learning over the summer.
Q: How will we get yearbooks, panorama pictures, 8th grade sweatshirts, etc? 
A: We are currently working with the different vendors to see what delivery options might be available to us.  As information becomes available, we will share with you through Schoology, our website, and our Facebook page.  8th grade sweatshirts arrived during Spring Break and we will begin distributing those on Friday morning - more information to follow.
Q: Where can I get the latest updates?
A: There will be updates here, on Schoology and on our Facebook page.  However, we also encourage you to visit the following LAUSD website for frequent updates:

Los Angeles Unified students, including English Learners, Standard English Learners, Gifted Learners, and Students with Disabilities will be able to access the following free resources during school closures. Below is list of some free online learning resources for your child’s continuity of learning.
To access the following resources, students may sign in using their LAUSD Single Sign On (SSO) via one of several methods:
• SSO via Clever Login through this link:
• SSO via Google Login

(Products with * are District approved. Parents, please check the product’s Privacy Policy prior to signing up for products that are not District approved).

For a complete list of free resources, please visit:

Name Grade Span Access
*ABC Mouse PreK - 2/3 Clever
*Amplify Reading K - 5 LAUSD
*Brain Pop & Brain POP ELL K - 12 Clever
*Brain Pop Jr K - 5 Clever
*Edgenuity Elementary K - 5 Clever
*Edgenuity Secondary 6 - 12 LAUSD
*Eureka K - 6 Clever
*EVERFi K - 12 Clever
Khan Academy K - 12 Google
*ST Math TK - 8 Clever
*Zearn K - 12 Clever